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100% recommended

I would definitely recommend this course. Analytic, chapterized approach to music instruction. Very well thought out progression, and Josh has adapted his materials to new needs as members progress.

I think the System is a great course for weekend warrior musicians like me. I play gigs a few times a year and have been studying music for over 30 years on and off. It's like a cafeteria approach to music study where you can go broad or deep. It's well suited for internet study because the focus is not on guitar technique but rather practice and concepts. The use of popular music to teach concepts is a lot more fun and the environment is very supportive. Josh provides personalized feedback and adjusts the course to meet the needs of the students.

It’s an excellent course - and structured for your success. The material is absolutely not watered down. Instead, it is presented in achievable modules. Josh works really hard to create clear, actionable, and compounding elements. No fluff. Just small victories every day which compound.

Chef Josh has cooked up a robust menu of coursework, with certain offerings that change regularly to keep things fresh. Select from well written, encouraging, self-paced material such as Playing The Changes. Participate in live community through Slack. Or, experience a live recorded class as if you had been there. Like every good teacher, Josh is wide open to feedback, and has proven to be approachable and positive. No question is left un-turned. You can work your way through the materials as you need to, he'll be there for you. I have really appreciated the copious DAW song tracks & charts that we've received each month, which cover a variety of styles and are useful for learning at any skill level. These are all "keepers" and are far more valuable than any of the CD play-along tracks I have bought (that I don't use anymore!). GuitarOS -- you gotta try it out!

GuitarOS: The System, is the course that has finally enabled me to make use of all the other guitar courses and resources I've collected over the years. The monthly release of audio tracks and charts of popular songs is an extremely powerful practice tool. This emphasis on learning to play real songs has allowed me to know exactly where the gaps are in my technique and more importantly, it gives me context on why I want to learn a particular technique and the motivation to do the work. This has even empowered me to design my own exercises! And playing along with these tracks is fun... it's like playing in cover band! The emphasis on recording yourself as a routine part of practice has also transformed my ability to perceive my current skill level more accurately and to hear and identify where I can focus for the highest ROI in my practice. On top of that, all of the included self-paced course work is top notch and follows the 80/20 rule... just enough practical knowledge that will make you a ninja in real-world playing scenarios, while cutting out all the esoteric stuff that you're unlikely to ever need. Josh also weaves in and references lots of high quality pop-psychology and shows how it applies to learning to play the guitar and establishing a productive practice habit for life. Not only has this leveled-up my guitar practice, but I've been able to leverage these broadly applicable ideas in other areas of my life such as work and exercise. Who would have thought a guitar course could be so powerful!?

The System has really excellent content. There are mini-courses offering approachable, step by step takes on music theory, rhythmic feel, practice, playing the changes, etc. The monthly stems are invaluable for learning actual songs and made me realize that practicing could actually be fun. But I think I've gotten the most out of the way that Josh re-frames concepts that I normally take for granted; this has changed how I practice and how I think about music. I've played guitar for going on 7 years now, but Josh's conceptual reframing has changed how I play music from day to day and finally gotten me comfortable identifying as a "musician." That's worth a lot to me.

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Everything you need to grow your guitar skills. More importantly, it’ll help you find more joy in your guitar playing. It’s exactly how I’d help you grow if you hired me.

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