Building a Second Brain

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100% recommended

BASB entirely changed how I think about consuming information and managing my second brain. It expanded my concept of what a “second brain” was from merely notes to much more and helped me set up a system for managing everything I encounter - thoughts, tasks, books, articles, photos, and more. The ideas are broadly applicable and have served me well in my personal life and work alike. The course is well worth the time and money, and is definitely one I will take again.


Building a Second Brain is easily the best online course I've ever taken. I joined for Cohort 6 back in 2017, and I've been integrating principles from it ever since. If you're considering signing up I highly, highly recommend it. It's a lot but it's worth the investment.


Building A Second Brain is simply outstanding. The investment is starting to increase over time, but I estimate a 100X return on my money already. Why? Because BASB shows you how to capture the torrent of information we faced with today, then organise, distill and express that as creative output. I started in Cohort 10 and have been adding new principles to my practice over time. Highly recommended!


Building a Second Brain answers questions that you've never considered before. You go through life constantly consuming, watching YouTube, reading blogs, reading newsletters, listening to podcasts. What do you do with all this information? How do you process it? Without thinking about these questions, the usual result is in one ear and out the other. BASB shows you how to capture the important ideas and more importantly, what to do with them after. How to become a creator instead of just a consumer.


About this course

Discover how having a Second Brain is helping people around the world save their best ideas, organize their learning, and dramatically expand their creative output

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